Course Open, Mens Open 9th September.....Start Times available to view online under Open Competitions
Local Rules

150 yard markers are to the center of the green.

1. Out Of Bounds (Rule 27)

a) Beyond any fence or wall bounding the course.
b) Beyond the white chain link fence behind and surrounding the 18th Green.
c) The Car Park and the environs of the club house.
d) Beyond white stakes marking the boundary.

2. Lateral Water Hazards (Rule 26)

a) The stream and pond on the right of the 1st and 17th holes.
b) The stream on the left of the 6th and 15th holes.
c) The stream on the 5th hole (not pond or concreted channel).
d) The drainage channel on the right of the 6th and on the right and left of the 7th holes.
e) the ditch immediately behind and to either side of the 10th green.
f) Stream on the left of Fairway, up to 1st bridge on 11th, All other hazards on the course are ordinary water hazards. (Rule 26).

3. Stones In Bunkers

are movable obstructions - Rule 24-1 applies.

4. Obstructions

a) The stream and pond on the right of the 1st and 17th holes. 
b) Wire mesh tee protection structures are immovable obstructions, likewise wooden trolley barriers adjacent to greens. Rule 24-2.

5. Greenside Sprinkler Heads 

Are immovable obstructions. In addition, if a ball lies off the green but not in a hazard, and such an obstruction on or within two club-lengths of the putting green, and withing two club lengths of the ball intervenes on the line of play between the hole and the ball, it may be lifted and dropped in accordance to Rule 24-2.

6. Young Trees 

If a young tree (identified by a stake or wire netting) interferes with the players' stance or the area of intended swing, the ball must be lifted, without penalty, and dropped in accordance with the procedure described in Rule 24-2b(i) (immovable obstructions). The ball may be cleaned when so lifted.

7. Paths, Roads & Steps 

All man-made surfaces (including wood-chip) are classed as Immovable Obstructions. Rule 24-2.

8. Distance Measuring Devices

For all play at this course a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that may affect play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such function is actually used.

9. Drainage Channels

All drainage channels situated on closely mowed areas through the green, are deemed to be ground under repair from which play is prohibited.  If a player's ball lies on this area, or if it interferes with the players' stance or area of intended swing, the player must take relief under Rule 25-1. The player must lift the ball and drop it, within one club-length of and not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief. The nearest point of relief must not be in a hazard or on a putting green. 

When the ball is dropped within one club-length of the nearest point of relief the ball must first strike a part of the course at a spot that avoids interference by the condition and it neither a hazard or the putting green. 

The player must not relief under this local rule if (a) it is clearly unreasonable for him to make a stroke because of interference by anything other than the ground under repair or (b) interference would only occur through the use of an unnecessarily abnormal stance, swing or direction of play.

Penalty For The Breach Of Local Rules:-
Match Play - Loss of Hole.
Stroke Play - Two Stroke.

Trees to love
On the 9th - the Scots Pine on the right hand side of the dog leg at the top of the hill catches many an unwary shot.
Trees to love
On the 11th - the super oak tree guarding the left hand side of the fairway; - with the ditch beyond it and between it and the green discretion is advised.
Trees to love
On the 15th we find this pair of oaks marking the dog leg, too long and you are blocked out on the left, a slice will find you blocked by the one on the right.
Trees to love
On the 17th this stand of oaks bars the left hand side of the fairway, driveable over for the longer hitter, a trap for the less fortunate -drive over or draw.