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As we arrive into the new decade, from the Pro Shop, we wish you a good and healthy one.
In 2020, we aim to produce an article every month displaying the latest equipment, stories and give you some tips along the way. So, I hope you will take a few minutes of your day to read through and hopefully pick up something new to use in your golf game!

MAVRIK V SIM – Which is Better?

The new season is quickly approaching us; with all the latest gear being released, both Callaway and TaylorMade have brought out their statement products for 2020 – the Mavrik for Callaway & SIM (Shape In Motion) for TaylorMade.
It seems the same every year where the biggest names in golf release a product which feels as frequent as every month and the same old question gets asked “What has actually changed?”, however this year the changes for both products are noticeable.

If we start with the Callaway Mavrik, the most used Driver on tour this year so far, including being used by Marc Leishman who has just won the Farmers Insurance Open on the PGA Tour. Callaway state that it is their fastest driver in terms of clubhead speed, yet, this is mainly due to the reformed shape on the standard Mavrik Driver head. Their all new ‘Cyclone Aero’ head shape aims to reduce drag in the attempt to increase clubhead speed. The change in design is noticeable when the club is sat behind the ball giving it a more distinguished look and this is also evident just when swinging the club it is easier to generate to more speed, which is no doubt a major factor every club golfer is looking for in their game, more speed!!
Still using their Jailbreak Technology since the Rogue came on the scene, I would also have to say that it is more forgiving for off-centre hits than the previous model; Epic Flash, due to its newly constructed flash face made from FS2S Titanium which compared to normal titanium is lighter and also produces optimal speed, forgiveness and spin robustness which is surely a big factor when choosing what driver to put in your bag for 2020.
They offer 3 heads compared to only 2 last year; the standard Mavrik, Sub-Zero Mavrik (lower spinning aimed for the golfer looking for a lower ball flight) and new for this year Mavrik Max (maximum forgiveness and launch to help those who may struggle off the tee), and what is even better is the price hasn’t changed from last year so staying at the price of £449 for all 3 drivers which is pleasing to see for us all.

Moving onto the SIM, which is currently the most used Driver by tour players who are not contracted to a company, which shows it is regarded as one of the best drivers TaylorMade have ever produced, but is it the best this year...?

It replaces the highly regarded M5 and M6 models, the SiM (Shape In Motion) gets its name for its newly designed asymmetric sole, design said to reduce aerodynamic drag which is supposed to increase clubhead speed just before impact. It features a raised crown and sole to reduce drag and the all new Inertia Generator that offers a unique look to the SiM series which is claimed to be the major reason for increased speed and also increase forgiveness.
Still with its TwistFace Technology, introduced since the M4/M5 series, the reason they did not go down the route of calling their new line of clubs the M7/M8 is due to them claiming to have taken the club as far it can go within the limitations, hence why they’ve majorly focused on the aerodynamics of the club head design in an attempt to increase clubhead speed. Similar to the Mavrik, they offer 3 versions off the SiM; the standard SiM (maximum adjustability with a more penetrating ball flight) the SiM Max (maximum forgiveness and launch (seems very similar to a rival driver…?)) and the SiM Max D-Type (a draw-bias set up aimed to be easier to hit).
TaylorMade would also be inclined to think they have 1 up on Callaway as the standard SiM model is £20 cheaper than the Mavrik Range at £429 and even better with the Max and Max D-Type being £399 which is I’m sure pleasing for everyone to see they’re not rinsing our pockets…

So if we are to summarise, both the Mavrik and SiM both offer different features but have a very similar objective, the aim to increase clubhead speed with their new aerodynamic shapes, do we see a winner between the two…we can’t decide which is the superior model however you can change that by coming into the Pro Shop where we can fit you for both Callaway and TaylorMade with a range of many shafts and heads, we can get you suited up for the 2020 golfing season!


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